Celebrating five years of business
with Wasson Enterprise.


As Wasson Enterprise celebrates our five year anniversary, our team has been reflecting on all the ways we’ve challenged ourselves, grown and carved our own path since establishing WE logo in 2016.

In these first five years we’ve brought together a diversely talented team, honed in on our mission and values, and developed long term goals that are grounded in who we are with an unwavering desire to do well, by doing good. Join us in our celebration, as we share a few of memorable milestones that have brought us to where we are today.

  • 2016

January 18th, 2016: Our founding


Wasson Enterprise (WE logo) becomes a company.
Kim and Greg Wasson found Wasson Enterprise, along with Lindsay Wasson Lingle, Mike Lingle, and Kathryn Rogers, building the foundation for what Wasson Enterprise is today.

WE logo opens the doors to its first office in the River North neighborhood of Chicago.

  • 2017

Early success


In our first year of business, WE logo focused on building our presence and portfolio in Chicago in the areas of health tech, consumer and retail, and clean tech. As we encountered new opportunities, WE logo began to explore partnerships that drove significant change and value in their industry and in their communities — the foundation of our “do well, by doing good” evolution.

Also this year:


WE co-founds Cooler Screens to reimagine the consumer experience by bringing the power of digital to brick-and-mortar retail.


Our partner PureCycle Technologies, the first company able to restore polypropylene to ‘virgin-like’ quality, cuts the ribbon at it’s pilot plant.

Double digits! WE grows its team to ten employees in 2017. 

  • 2018

A year of partnerships


2018 was a year of partnerships – WE logo began to shift our focus towards how we can be impactful collaborators, what we bring to the table and where we can provide value to our partners.

Also this year:

The Wasson Enterprise marketing team forms weCreates, working with our partners and portfolio to develop their brand, supported with asset creation, strategy, and marketing plans that align with both their short and long term goals.


The Wasson Enterprise human resources team forms WE People Solutions, a service focused on providing HR services to partners that don’t currently have internal human resources experts.


  • 2019

Doing well,
by doing good


In 2019 we deepened our commitment to our partnership thesis and narrow in our mission to help build sustainable businesses that do well, by doing good.

2019 was an exciting year for WE logo as our family grew outside of the office, welcoming babies, grandkids and spouses.

Also this year:

JULY 2019

After months of collaboration and hard work, our team finalizes our mission, vision, and values statements, formally established our company tagline as: “Doing well, by doing good.”

JULY 2019

Making moves! We move our offices to the Illinois Center.


Our partner PureCycle Technologies completes the first successful run of its plastics recycling technology.


WE leads a consortium of investors for majority ownership with iA.

Holly & Tanager is featured in Buzzfeed, Forbes and Real Simple.

  • 2020

Navigating the pandemic


2020 was a year of both growth and challenges as our team navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. In support of our WE logo employees we established regular virtual check-ins and one-on-ones, ensured employees had the resources and tools they needed to be successful from home and established flexible Friday schedules to give our team time to focus on their well-being.

Also this year:

JULY 2020

OptimizeRx appoints Greg Wasson to its Board of Directors.


Cooler Screens collaborates with Microsoft to deliver immersive digital experiences in retail.

  • 2021+

to build


In 2021 we’ve had a steadfast focus on adding value and providing support to our partners, as we push towards a vibrant, sustainable future. Our outlook for the future is bright, and WE logocan’t wait to see what comes next!


Walgreens Boots Alliance makes a majority investment into iA.


Holly & Tanager launches its sustainable nylon collection, making a commitment to doing good business, while doing good.


Our first SPAC, Foresight Acquisition Corporation, becomes a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ.

A note from our founders:

When we made the decision to take our plans for a family office from ‘idea’ to ‘reality’ in January of 2016, we knew we would have a lot to figure out. Over the next five years we did just that and, in the process of “figuring it out”, we’ve created a company, a mission, and a vision for the future that we’re incredibly proud of and excited for. We want to give a big ‘thank you’ to all those who have been a part of getting Wasson Enterprise to where it is today, and all those who have invested in the tomorrow we’ve envisioned. We look forward to many more years of doing well by doing good!

— The Wasson Family