By Wasson Enterprise on April 22, 2022

Introducing WE Do Good

When I joined WE in 2017, it just felt right.

A new innovative company with a handful of team members and led by an incredibly well-respected and transformative leader whom I’ve had the good fortune to have worked with in the past? Sign me up.

I’ve loved traveling down this road with WE ever since. What keeps me motivated every day is knowing that we’re making a difference with our partners and among our employees. We’re dedicated to being a force for good, and for doing good work, at every level of our organization; not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s something that we all really believe in.

People want to work somewhere they feel they can make an impact, somewhere where their personal values are reflected in the workplace. At WE, we focus on transparency and accountability at every level — and those qualities have a positive ripple effect on employee satisfaction by instilling trust and helping us do better by each other through collaboration.

The more I got involved, the more inspired I became by our purpose of doing well by doing good—and how we walk that talk.

That commitment shows up in multiple ways, like investing in promising new technologies or funds that are going to make positive impacts in their respective industries, to empowering every team member to have a voice and a stake in our company, to supporting our portfolio as they build and grow. Every day I see that passion for making a positive impact reflected in my team members’ enthusiasm as they bring their best to WE and our partners.

We wanted to give our employees a space and mechanism to create impact within their community.

We’re launching WE Do Good, a new program that makes it easy for everyone at WE to volunteer and support causes they care about — and provides the tools and resources employees need to get started. It’s part of our ongoing journey to further align how we do business with what matters most to us as individuals—and with what matters most in the world around us.

WE Do Good is inspired by the ways our team members have long shown up for their community in amazing ways, far beyond their normal roles. You may have already seen some of these stories across our social channels, but there are many more to share. With April being National Volunteer month, it seemed only fitting that we launch WE Do Good, and we are inspired by what our team members have already chosen and the projects they are working on. Here’s a snapshot of a few:

  • Volunteering with South Bronx United, a non-profit that uses soccer as a vehicle for social change, combining athletics with academic support, college access, mentoring, immigration legal services, and more
  • Supplying pro bono marketing support to the Frank Lloyd Wright Westcott House, which promotes historic preservation and inspires creativity and innovation through architecture and design education
  • Being a thought-partner on growth initiatives to AUSL, an education equity-focused non-profit that works tirelessly with the belief that all students should have access to an excellent education right in their own neighborhoods
  • Rolling up sleeves to clean up our local parks and green spaces for Earth Day, so the outdoors can continue to be a place we go for restoration and recreation

Good companies do good things.WE Do Good logo

Our team members are great at finding ways to help in their communities and bring those ideas to life. They’re passionate about the causes they believe in, and want to make a difference—all while giving back. WE Do Good is a new way for us to unite as a team and make an even greater impact in our communities. We’re believers that by doing good that we have the chance to help so many organizations do good in their own right.

We’re also continuing to use our “doing good” as a lens for all facets of our day to day decisions. There is no limit on goodness, and we’re bringing it with us every step of the way. The impact of WE Do Good extends beyond our day to day and into each of our communities we live in and care about. Good companies do good things, and this is our commitment as we go forward. 

Betsy Malpica, Senior Director of Community Impact & Marketing