Who We Are

are more than Investors.
Wasson Enterprise Angel has three strategic sectors in which we invest with a goal to connect, mentor, market, and commercialize dreams into sustainable businesses. We’re looking for passionate and driven entrepreneurs who dream big and whose values reflect ours. We look forward to working with and helping entrepreneurs leave their mark.

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What We Invests In

Innovative Customer and Shopping Solutions

Not surprisingly, a key trend we are seeing is the current strong consumer expectation of on-demand services or services that can be shared by many. We believe there is plenty of room in the marketplace to remove the friction that the average consumer experiences. At Wasson Enterprise, our team is interested in meeting with companies that are innovating on behalf of the consumer.

WE are very intrigued by these businesses and their potential for addressing consumer demands and welcome the opportunity to talk to passionate entrepreneurs who are building scalable ideas within this space.

Clean + Efficient Energy Innovation

The world spends $6 Trillion on energy and energy systems annually while more than one billion people globally lack access to electricity. Clean and efficient energy innovation has enormous opportunities to not only create financial returns, but to have a sustainable impact on human development. This is not a sector, it’s a spectrum.

We believe that influencing behaviors is just as important as improving efficiencies and that those goals can be accomplished in a way that does not sacrifice utility or comfort. We want to make bold bets with innovators and entrepreneurs to make a difference for our environment and in our future.


Health Tech

Healthcare is a $2.8 trillion dollar industry that is ripe for disruption. We are seeing three mega trends occurring within the healthcare industry. We are seeing the commercialization of healthcare enabled by digital and mobile technology, while incentives are becoming more aligned as we shift from a fee for service (FFS) to a fee for value (FFV).

We believe Technology enabled products and serviced for the administration and delivery of healthcare will accelerate these trends. WE is interested in entrepreneurs focused in this area.