By Wasson Enterprise on March 8, 2022

International Women’s Day 2022

When Lindsay Wasson Lingle became Co-President of Wasson Enterprise (WE) last year, you could say it’s something she had been training for her whole life. 

Growing up, Lindsay had a front row seat to arguably one of the best business masterclasses – right in her own home. As the daughter of Greg Wasson, she learned invaluable lessons about innovation, integrity, and intention while around the kitchen table, walking their family dogs, and even during family road trips to visit her grandparents. Often spending Christmas Eve making store visits with her dad, she learned that every interaction is an opportunity: to learn, to grow and to build together.

This foundation of curiosity helped as she began to forge her own path, joining global CPG company Kao USA, after graduating from Purdue University’s undergraduate program with a degree in Public Relations. There she sharpened her critical and creative thinking skills, and developed a real passion for building brands and setting strategies while working on trade marketing, sales and marketing teams, all while working on her MBA from Xavier University. 

Jump ahead to the inception of Wasson Enterprise, and the opportunity to yet again build and create, yet this time do with the most trusted team one can have – her family. Since its founding, Wasson Enterprise has focused on building high growth businesses that do well, by doing good. This has been important to Lindsay, and her efforts have been intentional, through supporting many of WE’s portfolio companies as a strategic partner.

A force in her own right, Lindsay now joins Greg at the helm of Wasson Enterprise, positioning WE for a sustainable and bright future. When asked about what the future of Wasson Enterprise looks like, there is one thing that she knows for sure: continuing to do well, by doing good. “We have an incredible opportunity to partner with some of the most talented leaders and companies out there, and it’s important to us that we do so with intention for not only their and our success, but really, our communities at large,” said Lingle. “While it is a responsibility, it really is about doing the right thing and building and partnering with those who are here to make a positive impact by making life a little bit easier, a little bit smarter and a little bit safer.”