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“If you asked me what a family office was 3 years ago, I likely would not have been able to give you a good answer. Having previously worked in investment banking and in strategy, finance and analytics at startup companies, I had always grouped family offices into the general “investor” category. Similar to my previous perspective, to some, family offices may represent a select group of potential investors and partners with capital. However, after my first few months at Wasson Enterprise (WE), I quickly realized family offices have a strong ability to add value beyond the dollars they invest. 

With an increasing amount of capital to deploy and interest from entrepreneurs, fund managers and other deal sponsors, family offices have come to more widely represent a massive opportunity to find a value-add partner, likely for the long term. In addition, family offices often lack the mandates and constraints posed by traditional fund structures and are able to engage in deals that private equity, growth and venture funds can not. With that said, as VP of Strategy and Development at WE, my main focus is on finding opportunities that both interest our team and coincide with our collective experience and strengths.

Over the last 3 years, our team has made a concerted effort to focus on opportunities where we can add long term value. We think of “value” largely through the knowledge we bring in certain industries, functional business areas and our network within the equity investor community. And to that point, all of our current partnerships have arisen as a result of our relationships with like-minded investors, operators and entrepreneurs in our network. 

As we continue to expand our own universe of potential partners, interactions with those who demonstrate a growth mindset is extremely exciting. While we hope to add value to our partners, we have a strong appreciation for learning and growing together. We keep this at top of mind as we explore partnerships that do well by doing good.”

– Venu Raghavan, VP of Strategy and Development