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“When the COVID-19 pandemic was first becoming a serious concern within the US, our son Harrison was 5 months old and both my husband and I felt that we had just settled into a schedule with him. Our plan pre-pandemic was for Harrison to go to daycare (or “school” as I preferred to call it) during the work day and for us to trade off either working from home or going into the office. We were navigating this new schedule pretty well – with the exception of the normal “mom guilt” and stress over full schedules.

A pandemic was not something we had planned for, really what anyone planned for. The combination of new motherhood, leading Wasson Enterprise as a family office and being an entrepreneur myself has made for an interesting year. There have been ups and downs but, as I know many of us have, I’ve tried to focus on silver linings, opportunities, and learnings during this time. One very special silver lining is that our son is at an age where he is learning and doing new things daily and being at home with him has allowed me to be more involved in that. I’ve learned to focus less on working “regular hours” and to get creative with finding time to work. My team sees a lot of emails and follow ups come from me at 5am – it’s when I can have a clear head and can get everyone everything they need before they start their day. I’ve learned to plan ahead, but also accept the unexpected, like Harrison joining our calls (he often brings a needed moment of levity!). While the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us as a new family of three and as a family office, we know we have so much to be thankful for during this time.

Looking forward, our team has begun to explore how the pandemic will change the way that people work, interact and live. We’ve asked ourselves “What is necessary and what is a ‘nice to have’?” and “How do we stay not just productive but connected, from anywhere?” I expect that the answers to these questions will evolve as we do, and the pandemic does, but will eventually have a huge impact on how we work. The standard 9 to 5 office job may look different for all of us, with hours and breaks happening when they make sense. Our team is excited to continue our mission of partnering to build sustainable, high-growth businesses that do well by doing good, even in these unfamiliar circumstances.”

– Lindsay Wasson Lingle, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations