By Wasson Enterprise on July 27, 2021

Flexiblility for Family with VP of Marketing, Kathryn Rogers

Our VP of Marketing, Kathryn Rogers, recently got back from maternity leave after she and her husband welcomed a daughter to their family in February. She shared her thoughts with us on how Wasson Enterprise’s flexible leave policy impacted her first few months of motherhood. 

With support from your team and the company, how was the transition back from maternity leave?

“The transition back from maternity leave went very well!  It took a few weeks for me to catch up on what happened over the time I was out and also transition back into the fold on projects, but the WE marketing team was so beyond helpful along the way. I am very lucky to have such amazing coworkers who helped thoroughly cover my projects/responsibilities and take the time to re-onboard me into the WE marketing organization. The team truly did live up to our WE core value of We Build Together.”


How do you find a balance between work and family life?

“It has only been a few months since I have come back from maternity leave, but work/family life balance is off to a great start. We are extremely lucky at Wasson Enterprise to work for an organization that promotes work/family life balance and allows for us to have flexibility within our workday. With this flexibility, I am able to choose when/how I get my work done allowing me to have time to spend with my daughter, husband and dog.”

Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family, Kathryn! We’re very happy to have you back at work and even happier to hear that balancing work and family has been smooth sailing so far.