Adventures in Team Bonding

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Few things say team bonding quite like running a 5K together—but add in heat and obstacles, and you’re really taking the experience to the next level.

This year, the WE team further cemented our bonds by participating in the Warrior Dash. This is a 5k – but not your ordinary 5k – the course also includes 12 obstacles (check out the map).

This is how we started…

And here’s how we finished….


As a team, we helped each other through the obstacles. We let each other know where not to step, when there was a water station, and that each of us was doing a great job. Most of all, the Warrior Dash was an absolute blast! Important learning: You always get to know your team mates better when you come out covered in mud! We definitely will be signing up again next year!

Back to being all clean!

-The WE Warriors!

Innovative Customer and Shopping Solutions: Trend-watching to reduce consumer friction

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Over the last decade, consumers have changed. They expect different service levels from brands. They expect a conversation with brands. And—most importantly—they have become accustomed to the services they want being on-demand. But despite this expectation, what’s surprising is that so much friction still exists for consumers. That’s where WE come in.

Wasson Enterprise is focused on helping companies identify a consumer need within industries struggling to reduce and remove that friction. The savvy start-up yearns to cater to these demands, but that can be a huge challenge. Integrating and harmonizing brick and mortar and digital is a smart path to tread. WE are here to help.

One of our pillars is Innovative Customer and Shopping Solutions—where companies are innovating on behalf of the consumer. Our team has a passion for the solutions being developed in this space and would like to meet with companies that share the same excitement and determination to make the consumer experience friction-free. This pillar is led by our in-house experts for defining products and services: Lindsay Lingle, VP of marketing and operations, and Kathryn Traut, director of marketing.

 Check out our next blog entry to find out about another of WE’s pillars of investment. Please email inquiries to, and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with an investment group just like you – passionate and driven

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You’ve started up. You’ve turned your vision into reality. Chances are good that your next critical to-do is finding yourself a committed partner who can provide an influx of funds to help you achieve your goals. But why stop at money? Funding’s important, of course, but what if you could also get sage and strategic advice based on a collective 100 years in the business arena, along with marketing and branding services, mentorship, and much more? Yes? Then, you’re not just looking for an investor with deep pockets, you should be looking for the best, the brightest, the most experienced and expert.

Welcome to WE. Wasson Enterprise is a single-family investment firm created to help entrepreneurs by connecting, mentoring, marketing, and commercializing their dreams into sustainable businesses. We do this through what we are calling our “Midwest Approach”: We roll up our sleeves and get right down to work to help entrepreneurs succeed. WE is not just a money source. WE is a business resource—with the tools to help young businesses soar. WE is particularly interested in investing in three business areas: health tech, innovative customer and shopping solutions, and clean and efficient energy innovation. Our team has deep domain knowledge in all three sectors, and we’re ready to use our expertise to benefit your company.

You’re passionate and driven—so are we. Wasson Enterprise isn’t just an assortment of multifaceted people with special skills. You can get that anywhere. We’re all that, of course, but more important—and to your advantage—we’re a close-knit, down-to-earth team of family members—some of whom share the same DNA, but all of whom operate under a shared vision, principles and ethics, mindset, and commitment to winning. WE was founded by Greg Wasson—former CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance—who led Walgreens, a Fortune 32 company and the nation’s largest and most iconic drugstore chain, through an historic transformation that culminated in its merger in 2014 with Europe’s Alliance Boots to form Walgreens Boots Alliance, the first global pharmacy-led health and wellbeing enterprise. That’s an incredible amount of expertise to have on your side, along with that of WE cofounder and Greg’s wife—Kimberly Wasson. A PharmD with long-time retail and clinical pharmacy experience, Kim, also an equestrian, is the owner of her own start-up — Forward Stride Stables.

Watch for our next post—we’ll tell you more about our team and our different areas of expertise you could be putting to use in your company.

Please email for inquiries, and we will get back to you quickly.